Glacial is a secure cloud based document storage & viewing solution for long term archiving of medical records & documents.

Glacial is a web application which allows medical facilities to upload & store medical documents in the cloud. The service indexes all documents allowing staff to quickly find specific letters within patient context to the hospital main EPR. Besides having direct access to individual documents, Glacial is unique in its ability to maintain a “combined” view of all documents for a given department/speciality.

Secure Secure

All documents in transit to & from the Glacial application are encrypted using TLS encryption. The documents stored on S3 are encrypted at rest using AES 256 technology.

S3 Affordable

Leveraging the large managed infrastructure of Amazon’s S3 and RDS services gives great up time and cheap redundant storage.

Typical prices for 1TB, which can hold millions of documents is £230 per year + a small license fee to run the application.

Documents Documents

Glacial supports serveral file formats:

  • TIFF – files from any scanner
  • PDF – files from clinical systems
  • HTML – files from web applications
  • JPEG – files from cameras/imaging apps
  • DOCX – files from Microsoft Word

Documents API

Documents can be either be uploaded using a fully documented programming API, or by installing a windows service onto a server which picks up files from a specific folder and forwards them to Glacial.